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    Van Doorne is a leading independent Dutch law firm.
    With around 185 lawyers, we have been advising our clients for 90 years in a broad range of legal expertises relevant to them. Our lawyers are internationally recognised as leading experts, both in their area of practice and industries in which they operate. How can we assist?    

    COVID-19: Van Doorne is at your service

    Our specialists are at your service in these challenging times. Here you will find answers to questions about the coronavirus (Covid-19) that have been asked a lot.
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    Energy practice Van Doorne gets boost with the appointment of partner Léone Klapwijk

    From 1 October, Van Doorne strengthened its position as a leading advisor within the energy industry with the arrival of partner Léone Klapwijk (1979). She completes the three-legged structure for a solid energy practice: regulatory, transactional and litigation.
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    Van Doorne opts for strategic expansion Corporate law practice with a new team Strong (international) focus on tech-M&A, private equity and venture capital

    Van Doorne will have a reinforcement of M&A specialists at its disposal as of 1 September. This summer Meltem Koning-Gungormez (1981) was appointed as a new partner, as were three talented employees from her team: Michiel Melief, Hanne van 't Klooster and Frederiek Maessen.
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    'Dockers clause' potentially contrary to competition law

    Recently, the court of Rotterdam concluded that the Non-Seafarers Work Clause, also known as the Dockers' clause, which is included in many employment contracts of seafarers, is potentially in breach of competition law.
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    Steps organisations need to take for international data transfers following the Schrems II ruling

    The historic decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (Court) in Schrems II of 16 July 2020 has profound consequences on international data transfers.
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    More on transferability and assignability of banks’ claims to non-banks and related duties of care

    A short update further to my contribution 'The Ceberus Van Lanschot NPL Sage continued – Attorney General: Assignment of loans to a non-bank entity is allowed, but duties op care apply' on this topic of 9 June 2020 last.
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    Proposal on exit-tax for Dutch dividend withholding tax in case of certain cross-border reorganisations

    On 10 July 2020, an opposition member of the parliament submitted a legislative proposal to introduce an exit-tax for Dutch dividend withholding tax purposes in case of cross-border reorganisations such as mergers, demergers, migrations and share-for-share exchanges. The exit tax consists of a 15% dividend withholding tax levy on the profit reserves available immediately prior to the reorganisation. 
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