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    Werken bij Van Doorne

    Werken bij Van Doorne is werken aan je eigen ontwikkeling. Of je nu op zoek bent naar een stage, net bent afgestudeerd of toe bent aan de volgende stap in je carrière. Wij zijn altijd op zoek naar nieuw talent. Lees meer over ons kantoor of bekijk hieronder de mogelijkheden.

    Current developments

    From the frontline - Some points often overlooked in CREF termsheets

    With the usual focus on getting to documentation phase and getting the deal done, financiers may overlook or occasionally perhaps avoid discussing certain loan terms with borrowers in more detail at termsheet phase. Experience shows though that paying more attention to these particular loan conditions, so that parties are already on the same page as to what exactly is required at termsheet phase, tends to ultimately save time on extensive negotiations during documentation phase and manage borrowers’ expectations. In this blog we will highlight a number of items which we often see overlooked at tersmheet phase, highlighting the importance of paying particular attention to the items sooner rather than later. At least a number of these may seem obvious, but are nevertheless often not dealt with. On that basis, we have listed our top seven (in random order) below. We would be interested in learning from your experience as well, so your feedback and additions are most welcome.
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    Five reasons why investors love intellectual property (and other intangible assets

    Several listed companies recently bought the music rights of world famous stars such as Bob Dylan and Taylor Swift. The payoff of investing in music mainly comes from streams revenues. But the benefits do not seem to be that bad: for instance, since Sony bought Michael Jackson's music portfolio in 2016, its stock price has quadrupled (1).
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    Dutch chapter of latest Vertical Agreements guide of Lexology GTDT.

    Read and download the Dutch chapter of the latest Vertical Agreements guide of Lexology GTDT, as updated by Sarah Beeston, Pim Jansen and Nina Korstenbroek. You can access the chapter by clicking on the link below.
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    More room for joint sustainability initiatives

    The realisation of large sustainability projects often requires various market players to work together. Examples include cooperation between energy companies to stimulate the Dutch hydrogen economy by building hydrogen infrastructure or an electrolyser; cooperation between various stakeholders in the Regional Energy Strategies to implement agreements made under the Climate Agreement (such as heat transition in built-up areas) and cooperation within the large-scale Carbon Capture (Utilisation) and Storage projects ('CC(U)S') to achieve CO₂ savings (and CO₂ use) in the industry. However, cooperation between market players is not without competition law risks.
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    Epic Games accuses Apple of abuse of dominance

    Epic Games (developer and owner of the online game 'Fortnite') has filed a complaint with the European Commission, concerning alleged abuse of dominance by Apple. This despite the fact that Epic Games has lost two drawn out procedures against Apple in the United States.
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