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    Criminal Defense & Internal Investigations

    Van Doorne’s Criminal Defense & Internal Investigations Team assists businesses and organisations that are faced with compliance issues at the interface of criminal law and administrative enforcement. We also offer legal assistance to management or other stakeholders.

    Legal assistance for management

    A lot of offices refer to the Criminal Defense & Internal Investigations Team for specific assistance for top management. Van Doorne often acts on behalf of professionals (such as lawyers, civil-law notaries and accountants) in supervision issues. The Team’s experience ranges from compliance advice, conducting and assisting (internal) investigations, assistance during enforcement and criminal investigations to defence in court.

    Reputational risk and strategy

    The Team’s specialist knowledge particularly manifests itself in the case of relevant reputational risks and when strategic action in turbulent circumstances is required. The Criminal Defense & Internal Investigations Team can be reached 24/7 for both minor and major issues and offers solution-oriented assistance. Our clients highly appreciate this.

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    For more information, please contact Jan Leliveld.