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    Disciplinary Proceedings

    Practitioners of the professions are coming under increasing scrutiny from regulators, the media and society at large. Van Doorne has extensive experience in the field of disciplinary law, especially as it applies to independent lawyers, civil-law notaries and accountants. We are one of the few multi-service offices with a team that is entirely dedicated to professional liability. We know the market and its dynamics through and through, as well as the specific regulations governing each profession.

    We regularly assist professional practitioners (and their offices) in disciplinary matters, both when complaints are made by individuals or companies and when complaints are made by a regulatory body. We also advise on investigations by or discussions with the relevant regulators.

    In the recent past we have handled a large number of complex cases for prominent offices and their insurers, involving considerable financial interests. We know better than anyone the range interests of those involved and the strategic choices that have to be made. 

    We are acutely aware of:

    • The need for strategic decisions with regard to the combination of civil and disciplinary proceedings.
    • The relationship between the firm or individual practitioner and regulators such as the Financial Supervision Office (BFT), the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU);
    • Possibly conflicting interests between the organisation on the one hand and the individuals involved on the other hand;
    • The balance between the vital role that civil-law notaries, lawyers and accountants play in society and the commercial interests of the organisation in which they operate
    • Potential threats to the reputation of the professional practitioner and their organisation.