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    Privacy & Data

    Technological innovation and data usage offer unprecedented possibilities. At the same time, the scope and complexity of privacy and data protection regulations have increased substantially due to, among other things, the arrival of the GDPR. Our Privacy Team helps you to navigate these complex privacy and data rules effectively. To do this, our Privacy Team combines in-depth knowledge of the sector with strategic advice on all the risks surrounding privacy and data compliance, from managing data breaches and handling data subject claims to enforcement by supervisory authorities. 

    Planning for transactions

    Regardless whether you are looking for a clean exit as a private equity firm or combining strengths as a result of a transaction, it is crucial to consider data protection compliance early on. Improper due diligence and improvement plans open organisations to significant liabilities. Through our in-dept expertise and insight in the commercial aspects of the transaction, we can help you with understanding the data protection compliance maturity,

    Preventing and managing regulatory investigations

    Investigations by supervisory authorities have an enormous impact on organisations, varying from the resources needed to manage information demands, company visits up to unexpected dawn raids. Investigations can also result in considerable reputational damages, claims, and multimillion fines imposed by supervisory authorities. We can help you to prevent investigatory issues by mapping the risks and the measures you can take to minimise the risks of investigations, and if needed we can also help you manage supervisory actions and

    Data subject rights and claims response preparedness

    Individuals are increasingly using their data subject rights and claim damages, especially if there is another underlying dispute. Collective actions by claim vehicles and non-profit organisations are also becoming more popular. This is further fuelled by courts awarding damages for data protection violations relatively easy and the fact that the Netherlands has become an easy venue for cross-border collective actions. Disputes can often be prevented by having a clear, tested, efficient, strategic, and genuine data subject rights response policy in place. We can assist with implementing such policy, including mapping and preparing for data protection dispute risks.

    Attaining the goals and managing the risks of innovation

    Organisations are increasingly focusing on the value of their data and using technologic innovations, such as artificial intelligence and other algorithms. Like no other, we understand the challenges of technological developments that organisations are facing, whether it is a focus area, or a risk introduced by a vendor. We can assist you with the sustainable implementation of innovative technologies or new vendors, while helping to prevent impeding existing processes. With our practical approach, we can help you prevent issues, attain the intended goals, and truly unlock value.

    Data breach response readiness

    The magnitude of the scale, impact and sophistication of cyber security attacks, such as ransomware and phishing, continues to increase rapidly. Sometimes they even lead to production or company-wide stops, causing significant financial damages. In addition, because of a lack of security and awareness, human errors continue to cause avoidable data breaches. Besides claims of affected parties, data breaches can also lead to investigations by authorities. We can advise you on measures you can take to prepare for, detect, and act swiftly on data breaches.

    Our experience

    We aim to maintain long-term relationships with our clients. We have been working with most of them for many years, and that is something to be very proud of.  We have experience in advising various leading consumer goods, motor, financial services, fintech and insurance companies and assisted  various organisations, such as hospitals, a financial service provider, education provider, real estate business and manufacturer, with responding to inquiries, including investigations, by authorities. 

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