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    Privacy and Data

    Technological innovation and data usage offer unprecedented possibilities. At the same time, the scope and complexity of privacy and data protection regulations have increased substantially due to, among other things, the arrival of the GDPR. Our Privacy Team helps you to navigate these complex privacy and data rules effectively. To do this, our Privacy Team combines in-depth knowledge of the sector with strategic advice on all the risks surrounding privacy and data compliance, from managing data breaches and handling data subject claims to enforcement by supervisory authorities. 

    Data breaches, privacy claims and enforcement

    We offer high-quality expertise in the fields of privacy, data protection, security, data technology and other data related rules. We have extensive experience in contributing ideas towards strategy and effectively providing assistance to organisations on complex and cross-border issues. This varies from limiting the consequences of data breaches and handling data subject requests to responding adequately to privacy claims arising from disputes between your organisation and other parties. If a supervisory authority contacts you, our Privacy Team will be able to respond effectively and develop a constructive strategy with you.

    Technological developments

    Our Privacy Team understands better than anyone the challenges of the technological developments that organisations are facing, whether these organisations operate in the public or the private sector. We assist you during the implementation and roll-out of innovative technologies and ensure that your organisation is sustainably compliant. At the same time, we ensure that this compliance does not inhibit your existing operational processes. Some organisations regard the privacy regulations as an obstacle, but privacy compliance certainly does not need to put a brake on innovation. We advise you on how you can actually prevent issues and truly unlock data value.

    Privacy policy and compliance

    In order to keep your organisation privacy-compliant, it is important to have a solid privacy policy that is geared to your organisation. We assist you with drawing up and implementing matters such as internal privacy policies, privacy statements, processing agreements, data protection impact assessments, transfer agreements, privacy audits, profiling, policies on direct marketing activities, cookies, recruitment, screening, whistle-blower schemes and online portals.

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    If you would like to know more about how we can assist your organisation with privacy and data-related issues, please contact Elisabeth Thole

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