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    Our specialists are at your service in these challenging times. Here you will find answers to questions about the coronavirus (COVID-19) that have been asked a lot.

    Employment and costs

    • The Corona virus causes many uncertainties and questions among entrepreneurs. For the purpose of job and income security, the temporary Emergency Measure Bridging Work for the Preservation of Work (NOW) has been introduced. What are relevant issues for employers?
    • To combat the spread of the coronavirus, many people work at home on the orders of the security regions and their employers, which means that work and private life are increasingly intertwined. What should employers take into account when complying with privacy regulations
    • As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, there has been increased focus from the Dutch Central Bank on the contingency plans of pension funds and pension insurersHow should pension funds and pension insurers act?

    Contracts and obligations

    Tax, Public Measures and Support

    Restructuring and corporates

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