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    Employee financial participation

    As a fast-growing company, it is difficult to attract the right people who will walk the proverbial extra mile due to the currently tight labour market and your company’s modest liquid assets. We are seeing various types of employee financial participation gaining ground as the most effective retention tool for fast-growing companies.

    Attracting and keeping employees

    For many fast-growing companies, such as scale-ups, this is a familiar phenomenon: a unique service or product has been developed with which to storm the market. But achieving growth requires capital, not least in order to retain current employees and attract new talent. 

    Offering employee financial participation to be competitive

    Employee financial participation is being increasingly offered as a supplement to a relatively modest salary. This allows the business to compete with other companies that offer higher salaries and appealing fringe benefits. Employee financial participation can be customised to align with the company and its strategy.

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    Benefits of employee financial participation

    Employee financial participation appears to give companies a boost. Not only does it help retain solid employees and attract new talent that otherwise would have been impossible to recruit, research has also shown that when employee financial participation is used effectively, people are more motivated, have higher productivity and are more involved in the organisation. The company feels thanks to the employee financial participation of all employees.

    Meticulous guidance 

    Integration of an employee financial participation plan must be carefully prepared and must match the environment in which the company or institution operates. With careful consideration, employee financial participation will make an effective contribution to achieving a company’s strategic objectives.

    We can help you in just three clear steps

    Step 1: Inventory-taking and familiarisation

    • Personal familiarisation and inventory-taking of the current situation.
    • Discussion of objectives and preconditions: what should employee financial participation bring about?

    Step 2: Impact analysis

    • A rough concept sketch of the types of employee financial participation suitable for your company.
    • Impact analysis.

    Step 3: Employee financial participation plan roll-out

    • Guidance and consultation in the decision-making process.
    • Elaboration into regulations + compilation of documentation.
    • Implementation and roll-out of the employee financial participation plan.
    • Advice and support with internal communication.

    Quick Scan: is employee financial participation an option for your company?

    Our multidisciplinary team of experts, consisting of tax lawyers, notaries and attorneys, is ready to meet with you, at no obligation, to find out whether employee financial participation is right for your company.  For more information, please contact our employee financial participation experts, consisting of remuneration policy attorney Marjolijn Lips, tax lawyer Sjoerd Stokmans and notary Maarten Appels, or request a Quick Scan for your company below. 

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