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    Social Entrepreneurship

    The importance of social entrepreneurship increases. The number of initiatives in this field has grown strongly in recent years. We know the challenges of a social enterprise.


    The strength of this approach is precisely because social problems can be addressed in a professional manner. In addition to a social focus, social entrepreneurship also has a commercial objective. Profit is not only expressed in financial terms, but also in social added value.

    Van Doorne as pioneer

    We have been a pioneer in this field for quite some time. We are the founder and active partner of the Utrecht University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, a research centre in this field. In addition, we regularly publish and teach on the legal aspects of social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding and impact investment. Van Doorne makes investments to develop the market for social enterprises in the Netherlands.

    Innovative constructions

    Van Doorne has bundled it expertise in a team of lawyers, tax consultants and civil law notaries from different disciplines that focus on Social Entrepreneurship. The team develops innovative constructions (e.g. Social Impact Bond) and brings new parties and markets together.

    More information

    We would like to discuss how our Social Entrepreneurship team can be of service to you. For more information, please contact Sjoerd Kamerbeek.