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    The current investment climate of the Netherlands keeps offering market opportunities to international and national investors. Private Equity is an important driver of our market economy. The sustainable investments of holding companies are an important stimulus of Dutch companies, particularly in the HealthTech sector. 

    Van Doorne is a leading Dutch merger & acquisition firm with a particularly strong reputation and a top-tier ranking in the mid-market segment. Thanks to the presence of excellent niche expertise, we are the go-to firm for (international) transactions in regulated markets and transactions where technology is an important driver. We represent companies, entrepreneurs and national and international investors across the entire spectrum of the merger and acquisition field. A number of team members have specialised themselves as trusted advisers of the board in private equity transactions for the final negotiations, recording and structuring of co-investments.

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    Sell-side vendor/buyer Due Diligence
    Transaction documents
    Transaction structuring
    Employee consultation requirements
    Acquisition finance

    Good cooperation goes hand in hand with agreements laid down in clear contracts with applicable provisions. Operating as a Tech company in a regulated market is an added dimension. There is a (strong) supervising framework that may impose conditions on a cooperation such as maintaining and/or acquiring permits and/or disclosing information to supervisors.

    Regulatory Advice
    Regulatory means the regulation of companies and activities. These regulations may concern market access, requirements for the company and its products and/or services, and cooperation with other parties. Examples are mandatory disclosure of information to the competent supervisory authority such as DNB, the AFM, the ACM, the AP or the NZa, or review of the cooperation based on competition legislation. Regulatory also concerns privacy laws and regulations, which are relevant for a company processing personal data.  The expectation is that (future) investments in companies that are essential to the Dutch economy will be subjected to a formal investment check.

    Employment benefits
    Staff and employment conditions are an important issue during mergers or acquisitions. In case of a company transfer, involved employees will also be transferred to the partner while retaining their employment conditions by operation of law. There are also significant exceptions to this rule that require the employment conditions to be identified in advance. The rights of the works council or lighter forms of employee participation are also important. The works council will usually have advisory powers in case of a proposed decision on a merger, split or cooperation. Certain employees may be granted special rights such as options or incentive plans in case of partnerships. Various rules apply in this regard. You will need to study whether such rights are considered income by the Tax Authorities. Companies in the financial sector must also determine whether the incentive is possible within the applicable remuneration rules. All kinds of arrangements will need to be established, for example, a whistle-blower scheme with corresponding advisory powers by the works council.  The team is in the possession of this expertise and experience.

    Intellectual Property (IP)
    If tech, innovation, content creation or distribution are part of your core business, the importance of timely your protecting intellectual properties cannot be emphasised enough.  Examples are ensuring the correct IP registration, setting up a fitting organisational structure, and making sound (contractual) agreements. The latter applies, particularly, to joint ventures. Tech companies absolutely need these agreements if they freely want to exploit their products and services in the field of tech, innovations or content. When concluding a partnership, we can study in advance, based on a due diligence, whether the right licenses and present and how trademarks, copyrights and IP rights are protected.

    Privacy & Compliance
    An area of concern is compliance with privacy legislation. What personal data are processed by whom and why? What does this mean to the cooperation? What (security) measures are necessary? Privacy compliance is a critical theme as the General Data Protection Decree comes into force on 25 May 2018 and the penalties are increasingly higher.

    Cyber attacks are becoming more effective and take place at a greater scale. They are a serious threat to companies. The contract will need to describe who is liable for the prevention of incidents and when these actually take place.

    Finance Docs

    • Legal Opinions
    • Loan documentation

    Security Docs

    • Guarantee
    • Pledge

    Sell-side vendor/buyer Due Diligence
    The books have to be audited in the context of a transaction. If the sale of a company is organised based on the principle of a controlled action, we can draw up a legal vendor due diligence report. We thoroughly review all legal documentation from the perspective of a buyer. This enables any issues to be addressed at an early stage to avoid any disruptions to the process. This means that the seller is properly prepared for the negotiation process. It also enables a seller to request a brief and focused due diligence process from candidate buyer to achieve a faster exit. We also carry out a due diligence when we act on behalf of a buyer to identify any legal risks associated with the company to be acquired. In both cases, clients can rely on the expertise of a multidisciplinary, integrated team where the day-to-day operational experience of lawyers in the privacy, IP, IT, regulatory and employment domains are linked to transaction strength.

    Transaction documents
    The commercial agreements and risk spread between the parties must ultimately be captured in clear and understandable transaction documentation. A thorough due diligence is of considerable interest because these results are ultimately an important part of the 'risk appetite’ of the parties.  Clients benefit from the availability of a team of legal advisers that understand the risks and can help make commercial choices and translate these choices into clear agreements.

    Transaction structuring
    Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes with a particular dynamic of an often a cross-border nature.  Because of this, it is important to think about the best possible transaction structure at an early stage. This particularly applies to technology-driven transactions because of the importance of data, intellectual property, IT infrastructure, taxation, laws and regulations and employees. Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers, civil law notaries and tax consultants can help you make the right choices to set up the best possible transaction structure.

    Employee consultation requirements
    Transactions of a certain size will usually involve a (central) works council and possibly even trade unions. Our team has extensive expertise in managing these stakeholders and supervising these consultancy processes for transactions.

    Certain transactions must be reported to the Dutch Consumer & Market Authority or the European Commission. Our firm has a team of competition law attorneys who are able to advise clients on notification processes to the aforementioned authorities. Filings in multiple jurisdictions may be required and our team often plays a central role in coordinating these filings to make sure the procedures take place efficiently.

    Acquisition finance
    Information about the other involved party is often required for transactions. However, the exchange of information may lead to a limitation to the competitiveness, especially if it concerns the exchange of commercially sensitive information between (potential) competitors. Our competition is specialised in assisting parties in this respect to avoid competitive risks. We give advice on what information can be shared, to whom, and under what circumstances. 

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