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    Partnerships in Tech

    Globally, the number of technology-driven partnerships is increasing rapidly. Traditional parties, investors and innovators need each other and seek cooperation. This  leads to more technological opportunities and blurs the boundaries between the traditional sectors. At Van Doorne, we have grouped these new collaborations under the name Partnerships in Tech. As Tthe process of forming these strategic partnerships also involves a great deal of legal knowledge and expertise, Van Doorne has put together a multidisciplinary team to deal with these issues.

    E-book Partnerships in Tech

    Partnerships present legal challenges. In our e-book The Next Deal - Partnerships in Tech, we will look at a number of important developments that everyone has to, or will have to deal with. Van Doorne is your architect for tech-driven partnerships in the field of the new and old world. Traditional and new innovative parties are increasingly seeking each other out for more innovative strength, digital transformation and disruption of the market, but also for growth opportunities in capital, the sales market or internationalisation.
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