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    IBA Employment and Discrimination Conference: 'Outsourcing abroad' Els de Wind moderated panel

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  • Els de Wind moderated a panel with George Waggott on 'Outsourcing abroad' during the IBA Employment and Discrimination Conference which took place 2-5 May in Montreal. A lively discussion took place with speakers Raquel Florez, Avik Biswas and Alessandra Ferroni and the audience on rights of employees, risks of discrimination, obligations of employers under local law, procedures which need to be followed in case of transfer of contracts and possible job losses and the impact of outsourcing on traditional ways of working.

    Most interesting was the discussion on how outsourcing will develop in the gig economy. We live in an era where Millennials dictate the norms and values of the workplace. More and more people work full-time as independent contractors and do gig-based work. Outsourcing work to independent contractors costs less than hiring employees to do the work. How will outsourcing grow from here? Will the legislator be able to keep up with these developments and sufficiently protect these independent contractors?

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