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    Enhanced value through IP and Knowhow: a scan The impact of immaterial assets on your company’s value

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  • We all recognize them. Iconic products, services and designs like the iPhone, the Google home page, dance festival Sensation or the shape and packaging of Tony Chocolonely. Examples of designs and products which have proven to be both disruptive and commercially successful in a sustainable way, in a physical, digital or services environment.

    Less visible but no less important are the calculation methods used by insurers or platforms like Uber, data used to determine government policies, the reach and network of Amazon, the algorithm behind and still, after many years, the Coca Cola recipe. 

    Visible or invisible, they are the 'Unique Selling Points' or USP's for a company, assets that are immaterial but yet determine a company's value and success. 

    These USP's, the immaterial assets of companies, should be owned by the company in order to have an impact. Additionally, it may be wise to protect those assets by a right of Intellectual Property (IP) or knowhow (trade secret). Sometimes IP or knowhow protection requires a formality (registration), but that is not always the case. The ability to prove that IP or knowhow belongs to your company and is treated as such within the company will often suffice. 

    To get an impression of the immaterial assets within your company, we have developed a tool that, by using a Q&A, provides an indication of your company’s Business of IP. Want to know what the tool and an (enhanced) focus on IP does for your company? Check the infographic

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    Kriek Wille

    Partner, Lawyer

    Kriek is a highly experienced Intellectual Property lawyer and co-head of the Media & Technology Sector Team. In trademarks and general IP law, Kriek is both trusted advisor and litigator, with special focus on (also online/digital) business and media, and the creative/innovative sector. Kriek has a strong track record in gaming, sponsoring, endorsement, (media)production and licensing projects. Kriek advises cultural and major retail organisations on the protection of design. She specialises in (conflicts on) media publicity (tv, print, online), communication and advertising law. Kriek is member of the Board of the Cobra Museum business club.

    Chris in 't Veld


    Chris is part of the Intellectual Property and Media team. Both on a professional level and in his spare time, he focuses on the amazing world of (information) technology. Chris specializes in drafting, assessing and negotiating (information) technology agreements in the broadest sense. He advises clients on issues concerning software ownership, licensing rights and exploitation of intellectual property rights and in relation to issues concerning gaming, games of chance and (social) media. Chris also likes to assist with transactions in the acquisition practice, whether it is by performing a due diligence investigation or  contributing on a strategic level.

    Dominique Geerts


    Dominique advises, negotiates and litigates about all facets of intellectual property law. She has experience with (i.a.) interim relief proceedings, proceedings on the merits, attachment proceedings, inspection requests and domain name arbitrations and has an additional focus on IP contracting, such as by establishing and drafting licensing structures. Additionally, Dominique focusses on unfair commercial practices, media law and commercial contracts with an emphasis on IP. She advises both international and national clients from various industries and mainly has experience with NGO’s, (luxury) consumer goods, retail, media & technology.