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    Social entrepreneurship: today’s new reality

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  • At Van Doorne, social entrepreneurship has been one of our top priorities for several years. In addition to our role as a proactive knowledge partner, our clients know they can consult us in connection with our expertise in this relatively new discipline. Moreover, Van Doorne is actively involved as legal advisor in the very latest trend in this field: Social Impact Bonds (SIB). Last week the Dutch news section Nieuwsuur (in Dutch only) paid attention to a SIB in which Van Doorne was actively involved.

    Social entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular, but is there actually enough public support for it in the Netherlands? We have gone into this in greater detail, and you can now read all about the latest trends and developments relating to social entrepreneurship in our brochure (in Dutch only).
    Van Doorne held a debate on this topic on Thursday 9 June 2016. During the debate, Harry Hummels, Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at Utrecht University, and Sjoerd Kamerbeek, lawyer Corporate Law at Van Doorne, discussed the topic with each other and with those present.
    If you would like to find out more about this, please contact Sjoerd Kamerbeek.