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    Van Doorne co-organiser of the European Social Business Forum in Utrecht

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  • Nearly two years ago, the Utrecht University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (SEI) was founded, a co-initiative of Van Doorne. Within the SEI, Utrecht University is developing an important expertise centre for social entrepreneurship by closely involving entrepreneurs in education and research. The first academic chair for social entrepreneurship at Utrecht University will shortly be appointed. Van Doorne is actively contributing to this initiative and supporting further developments in this field.

    Utrecht University has now joined forces with Grameen Creative Lab to organise the European Social Business Forum and the Social Entrepreneurship Festival. On Tuesday 12 April, the European Social Business Forum 2016 will take place in Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht. This is a big event featuring keynote speaker Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize Winner for his work in the field of microcredits. Registration has now opened and you are very welcome to attend this event. From Thursday 7 April to Wednesday 13 April, the Social Entrepreneurship Festival will also be taking place in Utrecht. Various events will take place in connection with the European Social Business Forum targeting the national development of social entrepreneurship. The aim of the week is to bring together social entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, academics and students to share knowledge and ideas and boost social entrepreneurship. For more information and a detailed programme, please visit the website.

    In addition to its close partnership with Utrecht University, clients liaise with Van Doorne for our expertise in this relatively new field. Van Doorne assists various social enterprises and supports investment funds in their involvement in social enterprises. Finally, Van Doorne is actively involved as a legal advisor in the latest trend in this field, Social Impact Bonds. For more information, you can contact Sjoerd Kamerbeek.