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    Van Doorne launches the Netherlands’ first chair in Social Entrepreneurship in cooperation with Utrecht University

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  • Utrecht University will be getting the Netherlands' first chair in Social Entrepreneurship. The chair is the logical continuation of the Utrecht University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (SEI), which was set up at the initiative of Van Doorne. The SEI is a research centre at Utrecht University aimed at encouraging research and education in the area of social entrepreneurship. Besides Van Doorne, other parties have also now joined the SEI, namely: Tony's Chocolonely, ABN AMRO and Social Enterprise NL.

    Van Doorne is pleased that Utrecht University is further dedicating itself to social entrepreneurship with this step. Van Doorne believes that this form of business can help realise societal goals. It is because of this belief that Van Doorne is involved in numerous initiatives in this area. Click here for the press release from Utrecht University, in Dutch only.

    Our contribution has not gone unnoticed. The Financial Times named us one of the most Innovative Lawyers of 2014 because of our contribution to (and leading role in) social entrepreneurship: ‘Van Doorne is helping to lay the legal foundations for the social sector's growth.’

    Over the past several years, we have advised various social enterprises, (impact) investors and subsidy providers on their activities in relation to social entrepreneurship. We have been involved in structuring the first Dutch Social Impact Association and various participating interests in Dutch social enterprises, for instance. As a frontrunner in this area, Van Doorne knows the challenges presented by a social enterprise and has brought its expertise together in a team of lawyers and civil-law notaries from different disciplines who focus on this topic. For more information, see the flyer in Dutch only.

    We would be happy to sit down with you to talk about ideas relating to social entrepreneurship, what we could do for you in this area and what we could do together to move this development forward.

    For more information, contact Sjoerd Kamerbeek.