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    Jochem Streefkerk

    Expert Educational Law, Lawyer, Advisor

    Jochem is an expert in educational law and an experienced advisor in the semi-public domain.

    Independent. Trusted. Competent.

    Jochem works as an advisor to Van Doorne, advising knowledge and educational institutions, government authorities and related social organisations on various subjects on the dividing line between private and public law. He has a clear style, is solution-oriented and works with experts in a wide range of legal fields.

    In addition to his work for Van Doorne, Jochem is group chairman in the municipal council of Voorburg and a member of the supervisory board of a foundation for public primary education in Haarlem. Jochem previously contributed to the legal elaboration of Kindcentra2020 and taught at the Hogeschool voor Toegepaste Filosofie (University of Applied Philosophy). Jochem regularly contributes to congresses, seminars and publications.

    Education Law Directors and governance Employee participation Government & Education Jochem Streefkerk Jochem is a member of the sector team Knowledge & Education and advises on the line between private and public law.