Waarmee kunnen wij u helpen?


    Look back: Webinar 'Strategic Partnering to upscale and grow: time for action!' dinsdag 22 september 2020

    The FinTech industry faces many challenges, whether it is the war on talent, regulatory constraints or funding uncertainties. Leaving aside the corona crisis that brings new challenges and opportunities: think of the digitization of transactions, which has accelerated enormously due to the marginalization of cash money. The ideal mixture of circumstances to enable a next wave of FinTech success stories?

    More than ever, strategic partnerships are a catalyst to scale your business and mimic the growth of those few 'golden eggs' that the FinTech industry is so famous for. Not surprisingly, strategic partnerships are a key element of the FinTech Action Plan that the Dutch government recently published. But be wary: the recent Wirecard case also taught us there is a dark side to strategic partnerships.

    FinTech experts from payments consultancy firm Connective Payments and law firm Van Doorne have joined forces and bring you this exclusive webinar.

    Take a look back at the fintech solutions discussed (disclaimer: first 10 minutes of the recording present technical issues).